I have a new favorite bra or bralette or sports bra, whatever you call them. That may not seem like
Along with tree pose, downward facing dog is probably the most widely recognized pose. It looks like an inverted V
Humpback or Dowager's Hump.  Perhaps you have it or know someone who does.  It's that hump that you see on
What a week, eh! (if you're in Canada already) or What a week, matey! (that'd be Australia) or What a
Getting it Right   In preparing for Triangle pose, what is the proper width instruction for the feet?   1.
What's up with all the funky diets?  There are the "no meat, but bacon", folks.  Or, no dairy, but yogurt types. There
Valentine's day week is like no other.  Every newspaper, magazine and web article and every guest on every talk show
Blessings I have many and I'm grateful for all of them.  I had the privilege, unlike 1 in 4 children, to
Facebook just had its 10 year anniversary.  I just had my 6 month.  It was just a half a year
The Scrub Down * Funny I should find myself buck naked, face down, with a strong Korean woman clad in