We are all different.  Some of us look different, come from distant unpronounceable parts of the world, act radically different
Ever notice that sometimes you feel happy energetic, creative and enthused?  And, other times, lethargic, unmotivated and blue.  I'll be
Ever notice how much is expected of us?  Wonder Women and Men, all of us. The demands of daily living
As the new year starts a common mantras is "I need to exercise more", which is just second to "I
There is so much pressure to be happy and joyful and compassionate. It seems like it's the cure to all
Is it possible that there is an underserved yoga population?  It seems impossible that with celebrity yoga teachers, a gazillion
One of the best things you can do to avoid low back pain is to “prevent” back problems.  Proper lifting
Back pain is common and due to a variety of causes.  But, more importantly, what do we DO about it.
Back pain.  Although “back” refers to the entire back body, most people have pain in the lower back/butt area.  Eighty
We are so quick to judge.  So quick to think we've got all the answers.  Perhaps we do have all