Elimination - Urine (pt 4)    Want more elimination?  Of course, you don't. But here we go again.  It's silly
Elimination - Squatting (pt 3)    Public bathrooms can be nasty.  Porta-potties as well.  I remember my mother carefully laying toilet
We're all about what goes in. Is it organic and locally sourced? Or, is it free of fat, gluten, pesticides,
Poop cannot be used as a conversation starter. unless you're a doctor, and that's still iffy.  If you've got a
You know I don't talk politics in my newsletter.  You get enough of that from a wide variety of sources
Should you put your foot over your head?  Should you use no, 3 or 5 blankets in shoulderstand?  Should you
There is the "tuck" and the "tilt". In all yoga poses, the pelvis is doing something in order to accommodate
It’s said if you can’t do anything to help someone, just try not to do any harm.  It sounds simplistic
You've got back pain and up to 80% of Americans do or will have in their lifetime. Here's a shocker--put
Apparently there is a trend sweeping Britain that I wasn't aware of - the concept of Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah). It