I’m big on what comes out of the mouth. Over the years, I’ve written about and reposted on Right Speech,
We know other people are a constant source of entertainment, from the things they do (cut in line) or say
It’s a continual struggle not to freak out about the state of our lives or community or the world. It
The pendulum has swung.  Dieting is out.  Healthy eating and being fit and strong is in.  Just like all pendulums,
All of us have at some time have dieted.  It may have been the Tab and cigarette diet in our
There are things we do well and things we suck at.  We suck at math or remembering names or carrying
Do you find yourself jabbering on and on about nothing?  Do you exaggerate in order to entertain others?  Do you
Shoulders up or down?  Tuck or don’t tuck?  Feet together or apart?  Knees bent?  Fingers apart or together?  You will
Plank pose is hard.  It requires muscular effort of the entire body and a good dose of balance and concentration.
Sweat: Elimination (pt 5)  Okay, I promise.  This is the end of the elimination series(1), as I'm running out of eliminations,