My New Favorite Bra

handfulI have a new favorite bra or bralette or sports bra, whatever you call them. That may not seem like a big deal, but like swimsuits and jeans, it takes some patience and perseverance to “love” a bra. I started wearing a bra to cover the breast buds around, I’m guessing, age 12. Today, I’d be considered a late bloomer as young girls are hitting Macy’s bra department as early at 8.


Bras used to be strictly utilitarian. The brassiere, abbreviated to bra, actually became popular in the 30’s thanks in part to the adjustable elastic strap, padded cups and other innovations.  Those couple of layers of cotton meant you didn’t have to stuff your bras with toilet paper. It wasn’t until Victoria Secret came on the scene that we had the seriously padded, pushup bras.  [It was in my next of the woods, Palo Alto, California, that the first Victoria  Secret (1)opened their first store at Stanford Shopping Center in 1977.]  You can now hide your pepper spray with the “Booby Trap Bra” designed fend off unwanted attackers or wear the “Alarm Bra” with direct connect to 911.


I spend a lot of time (read, all day) in yoga clothes  The tops with the “shelf” and the added boobie pad, which most do, mean I don’t put on a conventional bra. Besides my yoga tops, there are Coobiebras, which are like a sports bra without being as rigid and tight and flattening.  The Coobie doesn’t offer the support of a sports bra, but is super comfy, has the removable pads, the convertible (cross back) straps and comes in a host of colors. I have a couple and I grab them more often than my Calvin Klein, underwire bra.  Between my yoga tops and my Coobies, I’m rarely wearing a conventional bra.


The Coobies aren’t perfect. They look a lot better on the round-breasted models on their website.  A lot better. The website also has many more styles and colors than you’ll find in the stores.  Like the uni-brow, the Coobie causes a uni-boob, not offering any “divide and separate”. This makes no difference to me, but larger breasted woman might find this undesirable. Don’t look for the “size” choice on Coobie’s website.  They’re one size fits all, which they advertise as “almost every body”. I doubt it.


But, no, the Coobie is not my new favorite bra.  Handful, has improved on the non-bra bra. Their tagline is “flatter, not flatten”.  First, let’s get this out of the way–it’s 2 ½ times the price of the Coobie.  I’m assuming it’s going to be worth it.  It’s a pull-on over-the-head style available in 4 sizes. I’m a 34B and got a small which is good, if not a bit snug. The cup insert is so much better than the flimsy ones in my yoga tops and Coobies.  They are molded and have a bit extra at the bottom to give a fuller look, which is bueno for us small breasted women.


Handful supports breast cancer survivors.  A tab on their website “Survivors” is collecting stories of women who have cancer.  They offer a 35% discount to all cancer survivors who want to skip the insurance and pay out-of-pocket.


So, I’m giving the Handful a try.  I’ve talked to Handful wearers who use them for everyday and sports, like running.  For now, I’m happy with mine.  Let me know if you have a favorite.  Until next week!


(1) According to Wikipedia:  The Victoria’s Secret catalog . . . listed the company’s headquarters on catalogs at a fake London address, with the real headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.[21] T