Newsletter – 6-3-12

Can you Go There?*

You’re thinking about a friend and they call you on the phone. Was it a coincidence? Could be. You’ve envisioned your new apartment and as you’re driving to work, there it is complete with a For Rent sign in front. Coincidence? You’re confused about leaving your day job. You want to work with animals, your real passion. You turn the page of the PressDemocrat and the first thing that catches your eye is an article on careers in vet medicine. Coincidence? Synchronicity? As The Police said: “Effect without cause, sub-atomic laws,scientific pause, synchronicity.”

Will you allow yourself to go there? Is it too scary to think that there might be “something” (consciousness, force, supreme being, higher power, God) that affects or guides our reality? Is someone in the clouds with a big Rubik’s Cube and is continually putting random pieces together. Is it like Matt Damon’s movie, do men in black suits with hats wander around with little lack notebooks, filled with your destiny? Personally, I find this subject fascinating.

At this point you’re thinking, “Whoa, Cheryl, do you really believe that c*$@p?” No problem, Namaste, and skip to the last paragraph. Curious? Read on.

Not only can stuff happen TO you, maybe you can MAKE stuff happen. It’s called manifestation or visualizing what you want to happen, actually living it in your mind. Example: You have a presentation to make at work. In your mind see yourself before your audience–calm. relaxed and confident. You imagine they’re engaged in your words, taking notes, nodding in agreement. You feel amazingly confident in how enjoyable and comfortable it is to present what you know to others. It’s offen referred to as manifestation and you don’t need any formal education, buy The Secret or pay some lacquer-haired speaker some ungodly price to learn this.

A close relative of synchronicity and manifestation is Dang Creepy Happenings. A couple of months ago I had a week where some freaky things occurred. A Chinese fortune cookie with an encouraging message appeared on the kitchen floor. Where did it come from? I do not know. A heavy brass lock fell out of my jeans when I took them out of the drawer. Huh? A small, crudely painted ceramic bear appeared on my desk. I turn it over and written on the back is C.T. 3 ½. Where did it come from? I’m curious. I like to ponder these things. I do not have answers.

Maybe because I’m in the yoga biz, I hear about these things more than the typical person (OK, all the time). People feel comfortable confiding that “My deceased mother came to me last night. She held me in her arms and I felt so comforted and safe”. This is not a conversation that happens around the water cooler at your local workplace, right? I think the inexplicable happens more often than we think but that people just don’t talk about it. Many folks would just not understand. They’d stare at you for an extra couple of seconds to see if it’s a joke and then quickly change the subject. Speaking of the inexplicable, what about those 11:11 people?

Does any of this sound familiar? If it doesn’t, maybe you’re not paying attention. We’ve been programmed to ignore what doesn’t make sense. Yes, yes, I know, you can’t prove it, it’s all b.s., hot-tub, pot smoking woohoo. But, I say start observing. Find opportunities to look for meaning in random happenings. Begin looking for nuance in everything. You don’t have to find an answer or make sense of anything. Not everything needs to be figured out. Are you willing?